Among the first navigable panoramic photographs. These panoramas were shot with film because digital cameras were not commonly available. Negative film was better to use for panoramic photos because it could capture more dynamic range than transparency film. The film was scanned with the Kodak PCD system. Those digital images were stitched with the newly available Apple QuickTime VR Authoring Studio. This was the way to make navigable panoramas in 1997.


One of the first navigable panoramic photographs. This success proved to me the value of this technology as a way to view a remote location. Shot on Fugi negative film in a 35mm camera mounted on the first Kaidan panoramic head. Electronic flash was bounced off the ceiling for each frame.


Shot handheld 35 mm camera with Fuji negative film. The ruins of a Native American habitation in Utah. This scene was found during a six day pack trip.